reCUP Single Wall Recyclable Cups

Single Wall re|UUSI® Recyclable Paper Coffee CupsreCUP Custom Printed Double Wall Recyclable Paper Coffee Cups function just the same as a normal paper cups – but can be processed by regular paper recycling plants to produce material than can be reused again.

reCUP recyclable paper cups’ patented mineral EarthCoating® reduces plastic by up to as much as half, allowing regular Materials Recovery Facilities to accept and process them for baling and pulping.

Perfect for events and cold drinks.

Ideal for serving chilled juices, smoothies, water – or hot drinks with a sleeve added – reCUP single wall recyclable paper cups let your event or catering business show their commitment to waste reduction.

Just like our regular paper cups, reCUP recyclable paper coffee cups are rigid, durable and printed with food safe and odourless inks and have been certified with recycling accreditations in the most stringent jurisdictions.

Low Minimum Orders. Quick turnaround

reCUP models from CupPrint are available in the same super high resolution print quality as all of our regular and biodegradable paper cups. All with our usual low minimum order quantities (MOQs) of just 1000pcs and 15-day turnaround of orders.

  • 12 oz Single Wall reCUP

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  • 16 oz Single Wall reCUP

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  • 20 oz Single Wall reCUP

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  • 4 oz Single Wall reCUP

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  • 8 oz Single Wall reCUP

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